Dogz & Catz Retreat offers an unmatched boarding service for your pets in WA. Our prestige boarding kennels sit on a beautiful 5-arce country-style property in Banjup, Cockburn Shire. Located just 23km south of Perth's CBD, we offer a service which is not only convenient for our customers but we guarantee your pets will be looked after by nothing short of pure animal lovers.

We love having your pets with us and we're certain they'll love having us.

Our Boarding Services

Our Boarding Services

All our dog boarding kennels are kept in the best and highest quality of conditions. At Dogz & Catz Retreat, we will never comprimise on your pet's safety and enjoyment during their stay with us.

Below lists just some of the boarding services and information about our dog and cat boarding services. For any enquiries about our boarding services, please call us on (08) 9397 0917.

Dog Boarding Kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels

  • Each dog will get their own kennel and trampoline bed (pets form the same family can share the same kennel)
  • All our kennels are equipped with proper air cooling systems and to keep your furry friend cool in the summer and additionally, warm in the winter.
  • In Dogz & Catz Reatreat, we have large grass play areas and open pond attached to the kennels which you pet can run and play.
  • Morning and evening feeds consists of Black Hawk biscuits and TuckerTime chicken and vegetable rolls.
  • Hydro bath is free for a stay more than 5 days.

We always ensure to provide best nutritional food which perfectly meets your loving pet’s real healthy needs.

Black Hawk Biscuits -
TuckerTime Chicken rolls -

  • Each kennel is disinfected and cleaned out every day to ensure a high level of pet hygiene.
  • We allow your dog to play, exercise and socialise with other dogs of the same size and temperament if we have your consent.
  • Hydro bath free for more than 5 days.
Doggy Day-care

Doggy Day-care

  • Your dog will get his or her own kennel and trampoline bed for the day
  • Friendly pets can play, exercise and socialise with other similar sized friendly dogs throughout the day.
  • We offer large grass play area and open pond access to your pet while your loving pet is with us.
Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

  • Each cat will receive its own large cat run with an igloo bed, scratcher and litter tray
  • Your cat will have a bowl of biscuits in the cat run throughout the day so that they can eat whenever they wish. In addition we also feed them Wet food in the morning.
Pet Taxi Service

Pet Taxi Service

We understand that most of the time our customers are busy with their daily lives and do not have the time to travel to our boarding kennels to drop off or pick up their pets. This is why we've introduced our Pet Taxi service which will provide total convenience for you. Please contact us to arrange a convenient time and location for pick up and drop off and we will supply you with a quote.

For more information about our boarding services, make sure to read through our FAQs and pricing page. For any further questions about our dog boarding services or dog kennels, please don't hesitate to give us a call on (08) 9397 0917 or e-mail ( and one of our friendly staff members will be available to assist.

Pet Taxi Service

In House Grooming Services

Our qualified and pet loving in house groomer provides range of services such as style clipping, hydrobath, nail clipping, cleaning ears, blow drying and deodorising to make your dog a fresh puppy.

We offer these services for affordable prices.

Please contact us for more details