We accept payment by CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD and EFTPOS.

A 2% Surcharge will be charged on ALL CREDIT CARDS.

For all enquiries about our pricing and availability, please call on us on (08) 9397 0917.

  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Chargers are based on the number of calendar days a pet is boarded.
  • Please be advised No discounts will be given during Christmas & Easter holiday period.



Base Prices

Small Dogs

$26.00 Per Day

Medium & Large Dogs

$28.00 Per Day

Giant Dogs (More Than 40kg)

$28.00 Per Day


$17.00 Per Day

Second Cat Boarding

$16.00 Per Day

Two Dogs from Same House Hold

Two Small Dogs

$24.00 Each

Two Medium/Large Dogs Sharing

$26.00 Each

Two Giant Dogs Sharing

$26.00 Each


Day Care (any size dog)

$17.00 Per Day

Each Additional Dog

$14.00 Per Day


Hydro bath: Dog boarding more than 5 days

No Charge

Hydro bath: Dogs staying less than 5 days

Small Dog $15.00
Large Dog $20.00


Long Stay Discount

Over 4 weeks 10% off boarding price
More than 6 weeks 15% off boarding price


10% off boarding price

Please note that only one applicable discount will be given at a time.

PET TAXI SERVICES (For Boarding Only)

For Pet Taxi

ask for Quote


Simple medication: giving medicine supplied by owner

No charge

Complex medication
(eg. insulin injection, complex combination of pills, treating wounds)

$2 per treatment

Worming: Broad spectrum (not including heartworm)

Small Dog $15
Big Dog $20

Flea and tick treatment (FRONTLINE)

Small Dog $15
Big Dog $20

Special diets supplied by owner

No charge

Veterinary services

As charged by the vet

Other needs

Please Ask