A Tired Dog Is a Good Dog

A Tired Dog Is a Good Dog: The Importance of Interactive Dog Toys.....


Entertaining pets in winter.....

Let’s face it. It can be hard enough to motivate ourselves to go outside during winter, but it can be even more difficult encouraging your pets that dislike the cold to go outside too. Chilly weather or not, our pets do need their exercise!

Summer Sun, Fun, and Safety!

When it comes to the summer time heat and sunshine, make sure to follow some safety tips so your pet can join in the fun. Even if it's only for 10 minutes, don't leave your dog in your car. Aside from being against the law in many states, even a few moments in the heat will turn your car into an oven. This can lead to dehydration, brain damage or even death, and even cracking the car window will not be enough to combat summer heat. Often pet owners will shave down their dogs during the summer time, thinking this will help keep them cool.