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About Us

The Dogz & Catz Retreat is the go-to facility for animal lovers in Perth. We know how hard it is for pet owners to leave their animal companion in the care of others and we promise that our team of carers will provide the love they deserve.


When going on a vacation, it is best to leave dogs and cats in boarding kennels and cattery that provide the right accommodation and services for your pet. If you are from Perth, you should consider Dogz & Catz Retreat.

In order to learn more about the services and facilities that the kennel has to offer, you should consider visiting the site before going on a vacation. Take a tour and see the large dog kennels and the large lawn areas where they can play all day. It also has small dog kennels with their own pond area. Feline friends can enjoy the cattery with individual rooms big enough for two or more cats.

About Us


Exercise is important for dogs because it improves their blood circulation. It is also a good way to prevent joint and heart conditions. The Dogz & Catz Retreat has two pond and play areas designed for small and big dogs. They are provided time to play in the area instead of being caged the whole time.

The good boarding facility also provides separate sleeping quarters for dogs. The Dogz & Catz Retreat provides individual kennels with trampoline beds for large dog breeds. Each kennel has enough space for the dog to relax during rainy days. Small dogs are provided with individual kennels with air conditioning all throughout the day. All the kennels are cleaned and disinfected each day.

The dietary requirements of dog breeds differ. Dogs are fed twice daily with a mix of Royal Canin (Premium Food) and Tucker Time Chicken and Veg rolls. Cats are given dry biscuits all throughout the day and given wet food in the morning. Dogz & Catz Retreat will ask owners about special dietary requirements or ask them if they want to provide their own food if the pets are picky about their meals.

Hydro bath is free for pets that stay for 5 days or more. The service is also available for a fee.

The Dogz & Catz Retreat provides Doggy Day Care service. Think of it as a day care facility for dogs. Keep in mind that this service is not available during public holidays and on Sundays.

Besides from the services mentioned above, The Dogz & Catz Retreat also provides veterinary services, hydrotherapy pool service, hydrobath, and grooming. The in-house vet will make sure that the pets are healthy during their stay in the boarding facility. And best of all, it provides pickup and drop off services in Perth. Contact Dogz & Catz Retreat to learn about the availability of the service.